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Seiple Farms

  • 4.5

(4 reviews)
Seiple Farms
5761 Nor Bath Blvd.
BathPA 18014
(610) 837-0847

Ages: 0 and up


Parking: Yes

Features: Free Parking

Seiple Farms has fun for the family much of the year.  They offer picking of different produce seasonally and entertainment for children with hayrides, rides, food and a petting zoo in the fall. Their corn maze is famous for its wild patterns! When it gets chilly they are a lehigh valley tree farm as well, think of them to cut your own tree.


Pick Your Own

  • Strawberries
  • Pumpkins 
  • Snap Peas/Peas

Fall Fun

  • Hay Maze
  • Corn Maze
  • Petting Zoo
  • Rides
  • Food
  • Pumpkins 


  • Cut your own Christmas Tree
  • Wreathes 


4 Reviews

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Reviewed on 06/07/2016

We enjoy visiting all the local farms and enjoy the activities each one of them offer. It's a reminder to us how precious farmers are not to mention all the "real" hard work that goes into farming. I happen to come across this page to make a comment and after seeing the mother complain of dirt it just made me realize how much I appreciate it even more. It's a farm and it's real living work which means you are going to see dirt. As a mother of 6 if you can't handle a little dirt than don't go to a farm. If you think that food doesn't naturally have a little dirt on it then don't go to the farm b/c some of us can eat the peas right out of the pod which entails digesting a bit of dirt. Dirt is natural and believe it or not you eat more of it in a year than you realize. I would rather eat a little dirt with my food than go to a restaurant and find something else in my food. Bathrooms are always going to be a bit dirty wherever you go......isn't that obvious b/c of the natural purpose of a bathroom. As a mother I always have a little something with me just in case I run into a not so clean bathroom, no big deal there are much worse things to worry about in life. Love the farm, Love the dirt!!...more

Seiple Farms


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Reviewed on 10/17/2015

The bathrooms were filthy when I told staff they became angry and defensive. would think a place that grows and serves food would be interested in clean. They said nothing could be done till morning. Told them to throw in a bucket of soapy water. They became angrier. Tuck won't go back. Went there for years.

Seiple Farms


  • 5

Reviewed on 09/08/2014

My family and enjoyed picking strawberries and snap peas here this summer. I was even able to get around the fields with my infant's stroller which is a huge plus for me! The staff is very friendly and we look forward to going back for some fall fun.

Seiple Farms


  • 5

Reviewed on 09/27/2013

I have been going to Seiple Farms since I was a little girl and now I take my little ones here. I love it!!! I enjoy the hay ride, poney rides, and fair rides. I love the farm with all the animals and the maze my kids reallly enjoy it and its our tradition! Thanks for all your hard work!

Seiple Farms