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About Find&GoSeek

Lehigh Valley's Find&GoSeek is a fun and easy way to search, discover and talk about what's great (and not so great) to do in our area. We all know some of the best ideas and suggestions come from our friends and trusted sources. Lehigh Valley's Find&GoSeek collects and organizes all that information for you in one convenient place.

As parents we were always hearing bits and pieces of what was going on in our area from friends or neighbors. It was mind boggling to try to organize everything we had available, especially when searching for child care or special events. We would hear mixed reviews about one place or another but could never keep anything straight. We have an active and diverse community in the Lehigh Valley, there is so much is available to us! It is time we have a resource where everything comes together in one place. Our comprehensive listings along with the honest reviews from parents and caregivers make creating memorable experiences and finding quality resources effortless.

Stephanie and Nick Miller stumbled upon Find&GoSeek while visiting Burlington, VT in 2012. Stephanie found the site when looking to find ways to entertain their two small children during their visit and was impressed by it’s comprehensive list of activities and user reviews. She set out to search for similar sites in the Lehigh Valley and was disappointed to find there was nothing comparable. Stephanie sat down for coffee with Dana and Andy Freeman of Williston, VT, the founders of Find&GoSeek and knew she needed to bring Find&GoSeek back with to the Lehigh Valley so her friends and neighbors could enjoy all it has to offer.

Lehigh Valley's Find&GoSeek encompasses the areas in and around Lehigh Valley in Eastern Pennsylvania, including Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton and surrounding towns.

Lehigh Valley's Find&GoSeek is licensed to A and C LLC by CallFly Productions LLC.

If you are interested in starting a Find&GoSeek in a new location please contact Dana Freeman.

The Millers