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Flint Hill Farm Summer Camps

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Flint Hill Farm Summer Camps
1922 Flint Hill Road
CoopersburgPA 18036
(610) 838-2928

Ages: 4 - 14+

Cost: Free - Contact for pricing

Parking: Yes

Features: Day Camp, Morning Camp

Flint Hill Farm is a working farm in Coopersburg, PA.  They offer camp programs for children  ages 4 - 15. They work to teach children about the inner workings of an operating farm, nature's part in farming, care of aminals.


Kinder Camp 

Farm Camp   

Horse Camp
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1 Reviews

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Lehigh Valley Mom

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Reviewed on 02/15/2020

I sent my 6-year-old to camp here last summer, and I want to caution others about doing so. First, I ordered the later pick-up (around noon) because of work, and when I went to pick my 6-year-old up, he was sitting there by himself in front of the "store" totally unattended. There was a caregiver/medical assistant nearby sitting in the doorway of the shed, blocking a young child with disabilities so that he couldn't get out. She was completely overwhelmed and couldn't handle the child and had no idea who was supposed to watch my child. I looked around for a good 5 minutes, didn't find anyone and left. Glad someone could have just grabbed my son and left! The owner was rude and somewhat scattered when I asked her about this and said she just had to run up to the house to grab something. On another pick-up, kids were playing horseshoes while the counselor sat there on his phone totally not engaged or paying attention...I saw a few near misses with horseshoes flying before kids got out of the way. I also ordered the snacks, which are quite expensive, but according to my son, he wasn't offered a snack. The owner said he was, but it sounded like it was up to my son to go get his snack in a place he didn't know then pick something out with no guidance...totally unrealistic to expect this of a six-year-old who has never been there before. It's really too bad about this place because it could be really good with engaged employees and programs, but as far as I could tell, they put your kid on a horse for a little bit but otherwise they kind of just wonder around. Completely overpriced - it is a sham....more

Flint Hill Farm Summer Camps