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Datzyk Montessori School

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Datzyk Montessori School
3300 Broadway
AllentownPA 18104
(610) 395-6344

Ages: 2 - 5

Cost: Contact for pricing

Parking: Yes - Lot available

Features: Part time

Datzyk is a Montessori based preschool program designed for children 2 years through 5 years old.  Programs run for half, full or extended days (7am-5:30pm) at their Allentown location. The school encourages families to enroll children at age to to benefit most from their full Montessori program.

2 Reviews

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Reviewed on 07/12/2018

First they charge higher fees also they expect lots of charities and help as volunteer with school work, this all are ok and we did everything they ask for but they expect robotic behavior from your child, it means if your child does little bit here and there then they literally scaled your child, they are also saying that your child need doctors help may be he has autism syndrome and all stupid things, they don’t support parents, they judge every kid, compare them and their food types and their religion too, kids are playing always out side even if it’s very bad winter or summer, my child was always seek ,my child was there for 2 years so the way they complain about your child will make you believe them there is really something wrong and you will be confused that child behaves fine at home with you and why school is complaining but becoz of schools past good reputation you will believe them , it took two years to figure this out that they are not as good as they used to be with previous owners, one day my child fell down from their sliders top and they didn’t call us right away and as my child stopped crying after some times they thought he is fine and decided to let us know later on, they have two teachers in each class but when kids are out side teachers sit and chat and don't take care of kids, teacher will never say what's good in your child they always complain about your child ,old teachers with old mentality, one day I caught the principal was scolding my child very badly and he was crying so much, when we saw this we decided to quit with this school. there are so many people who had this problem and quit. pathetic old school with none sense education and teachers, it used to be good ones but not any more, so please be aware parents. ...more

Datzyk Montessori School


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Reviewed on 02/14/2017

Can't say enough positive about Datzyk. My daughter attended for two years and when she went to public school, she was leaps and bounds beyond prepared. Mrs. Turrisi, the director and founder's daughter runs the school perfectly with caring compassion. I would have stayed forever if we could have.

Datzyk Montessori School